4 BIG Food Storage EXCUSES — And how to overcome them!

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There are many reasons Why People Build a Food Storage ... but there are also many reasons why people DON'T get started with their food storage. We have heard ALL of the excuses (and we used most of them ourselves). Luckily we have figured out some tips and tricks to help you kick start your food storage and leave those excuses behind forever! Excuse #1: NO IDEA 3 years ago from today we had this exact conversation: Julie: Jodi, I am feeling urgent about building my food storage Jodi: Oh no, is something going to happen? Now I think I need to build MINE Julie: It's so confusing I don't know where to start Jodi: Don't ask me, it's way too overwhelming Julie: I think we need to just research…
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Blasts from the Past: The Never Ending Job of Organizing

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Is it just me or does it seem like it's impossible to be FULLY on top of things around the house. One day you get your pantry all organized and think to yourself, this will NEVER be unorganized again - this time is different. Then, a few months later it's a disaster. Something I've learned through building your food storage is that it is a never ending process and you'll always be learning, changing, and RE-organizing. In my beginnings post, I went from a cluttered basement to one shelf and thought my progress was UNBELIEVABLE... Then I bought my water jugs, and I went to my first case lot sale and actually added some stuff to that shelf. I was PROUD again. As I progressed, I kept adding more and…
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It seems like just yesterday that we came up with this crazy idea to blog about food storage when we had absolutely ZERO food storage and had no clue where to even start. In fact according to our very first blog post, we originally wanted to call this blog "Food Storage For Dummies ... and We're the Dummies". hehe. We have come a long way since we started two years ago and we wanted to celebrate this anniversary with you by taking you on a humorous journey of our successes and failures. So let's get started! We didn't fully understand blogs, the blogging community, or blogging software in the beginning. We were both web designers but didn't catch the blogging vision yet. Needless to say, our first site design left…
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Welcome to Food Storage Made Easy!

About Us
We originally wanted the name Food Storage for Dummies as we feel like we are kind of the dummies and are trying to share the knowledge we gain as we research this process. However, we researched it a bit and decided it wasn't worth risking a trademark infringement so here we are at foodstoragemadeeasy.net! Welcome to our food storage blog! We are two young moms trying to navigate through our crazy goal of getting a year’s supply of food storage put together. With the struggling economy we have really started to feel that the time is right to get this project underway. As we started the process we realized there was SO much to learn and we got overwhelmed. So we decided to start this blog to keep track of…
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