Answers to your Food Storage questions? Yes please!

Just For Fun
We've LOVED our Facebook page, and especially loved getting to know you better there. We often tell people the best part about our Facebook page is how helpful you ALL are to EACH OTHER. Well if you're on Facebook, you know that things never stay the same on there. A few weeks ago with the new "Timeline" format it has become harder for you to see each other's posts on our wall. What used to be an easy way to post a question and get answers from each other, now gets hidden in the right hand corner. We don't LOVE THAT! Well we've come up with a wee bit of a solution. You may have noticed sometimes we'll post as our own status questions from readers. These are questions we…
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There’s a POST for that!

Site Highlights
We often get asked the same questions... We try really hard to make our info easy to find, but after 3 years of blogging, some posts are BOUND to get lost. We thought it would be fun to answer some of the most frequently asked questions today. So here we go with a little fun post, called: Question: I have a very small house or apartment and I don't know WHERE to put my Food Storage? POST: SMALL SPACES STORAGE SOLUTIONS Question: I need to teach a group lesson at my church - I don't know where to start? POST: GROUP LESSON PLANS Question: Have you done any tutorials on canning?  I'm too intimidated to try it! POST: SELF RELIANCE PAGE Question: I'm new here, and I'm trying to figure…
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