What Type of Food Storage Shelves to Buy

Our BabyStep 1 is to get your shelves, and food storage area ready. The reason we have shelves as step number 1 (after your basic emergency prep) is because when you have a room set up, building and adding to your food storage feels fun. It no longer becomes a task of figuring out where to put stuff. So whether its cheap and temporary shelves, or if you're more experienced and run into extra money, some of the food rotation shelves can be really nice solutions. When deciding on which shelves to put in your home, there are a lot of things to consider. We go into this is greater depth on our BabyStep 1 page. You may have space or budget issues to deal with, but there are options…
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Extreme Makeover: “S” Family – Adopted High Needs Boys

Extreme Makeover: “S” Family – Adopted High Needs Boys

Extreme Food Storage Makeover
Remember way back in April, when we had our . In case you weren't around we had 3 big surprises for our readers. The surprises were a great way to share and give back to so many of you great readers. The surprises included some great FREE stuff, and ways for you all to help some families. Today, we're following up with our 2nd Surprise. The Extreme Food Storage Makeover: Helping Families in Need. We had 4 main families that were chosen, each having different reasons why this makeover would be great for them. Some were financial, others were just in need of some direction and help. Since you the readers are the ones who raised the money through a percentage of your purchases at our Shelf Reliance store that…
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Food Storage WAKE UP Call

General, Julie's Progress, Organization, Shelves
With the recent earthquakes, I have been thinking about my food storage and preparedness plan and I'd be lying if I didn't admit I am guilty of a little procrastination over here! It seems like anytime Jodi and I do progress updates, they turn into confessionals, but bit by bit we make improvements and feel much more prepared then when we started our blog! Anyways, as my little picture story will show, I hadn't put my food away since I bought it... ahem ahem over a month ago. I finally got around to it this weekend and I also got around to building (or having my husband build) these awesome cardboard rotating racks from Can Organizer. Check Them Out!(I like the shorter ones for my size shelves, but they have…
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Exciting New Shelving Solution!

It seems like organization and rotation seems to be at the top of many people's lists of things they want to work on with their food storage this year. On our BabyStep One page we have a diagram and instructions for how to make your own can rotating rack. While the do-it-yourself solution has worked great for some people, there are others (*ahem* Julie *ahem*) who don't have the patience (or willing husbands) to make the shelves on their own. One of our readers referred us to a new product called the CanOrganizer which is basically an easy and cheap way to make these shelves on your own. We immediately contacted the company and got some of their products to try. We were so impressed with them that we decided…
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Day 2: Food Storage Christmas (shelves)

Christmas Gifts, Shelves
Once you are ready to make the Food Storage Plunge, it really feels great to know you have a well organized PLACE to put all that food. We recommend starting with 1 to 2 shelves and then moving on from there. You don't need an entire room custom built to get going! Check out these ideas: Options that are Free or Under $1 Small Spaces Solutions Handout Do you know someone who complains about starting a Food Storage due to lack of space. Well help them out by giving them this AMAZING handout. Compiled from reader suggestions, is a list of amazing ideas on where to store food in small spaces. Print out the handout and put it in sheet protects or roll it up and tie a ribbon around…
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BabyStep 1: Shelves (revised)

7 Day Challenge
In order to get your ready for the Seven Day Challenge, we are going through revising and cleaning up all our BabySteps. We created the BabySteps to break down the vast amount of information in the "food storage world" when we first got started last summer. From the BabySteps, we developed the BabySteps Checklists as a way to split up the 10 steps over a one year period. We decided it would be good to revise each BabyStep as part of our Summer Crash Course. So jump in and get started ... it's not too late! This week we are covering BabyStep 1: Shelves (click here to view the full step) Updated different shelving idea links Added information about storing larger items (5 gallon buckets/water containers) Added the #10 can…
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My Food Storage — From Chaos to Clarity

Jodi's Progress, Long Term Food Storage
Long story short, my food storage area in my basement hasn't been very accessible lately. As I've taken advantage of the Macey's food storage sales and contributed to my Three Month Supply my food has sort of just been dumped into a big pile. I really wanted to start using our new Food Storage Calculator, but as I tried to catalog what food I already had it was a disaster. I couldn't even GET to all my food, let alone figure out what the heck I had bought. So yesterday during my kids naps I went on a rampage and reorganized the entire area, brought in a new shelf, and reconfigured my upstairs pantry to include more of the foods I've been using on a regular basis. I even got…
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How To Build Your Own Can Rotating Rack

Jodi's Progress, Shelves
This tutorial is created courtesy of my husband who made me this can rotating rack for a Valentine's Day gift and agreed to document the process to share with all of you! The great thing about making your own racks is that you can customize the depths to fit your cupboard, and build however many you want for whichever cans you choose to store. Plus they are FREE! Make sure to scroll to the bottom to see a video of my new rack in action. How To Build Your Own Can Rotating Rack Step 1 Print out the shelf diagram (this great diagram comes from the "Pantry Panel" blog). Decide which size you want to make. I opted for the soup can size to start out. Step 2 Take a…
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Small Spaces Storage Solutions – RESULTS

Organization, Shelves
At Food Storage Made Easy, we asked our readers to come together and share their ideas for storing food in small spaces. The results were incredible! Continue reading for all the ideas we received. As promised, we created a way cute PDF for you to share with all your friends. To get the handout, click here! We broke the house up into several different areas and will be covering each one individually. Some of these ideas will be perfect for your situation whether or not you have space. Thanks again to ALL our contributors, you're AWESOME! Store cans on their sides under a twin bed. Line them up in rows of their category (fruit, veggies, tuna etc...). When you purchase cans place under the left side of the bed. When…
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Julie’s Food Storage Beginnings

Julie's Progress
I did it! I went to Walmart and bought a shelf. The shelf was $24.88, "heavy duty" plastic. My dad said metal shelves can sometimes cave in around the center and that he has been happy with his plastic shelves. I had the option to do all 5 shelves tall, or 3 and 2. I thought the 3, and 2 were cuter for now. Once I get more stuff, I'll probably have to do 5 shelves high - and get another shelf, but this works for now. I even got my basement cleaned out in the process.
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