Let’s Talk About Powdered Milk!

Baking Ingredients, Long Term Food Storage
Powdered Milk ... AAAAAHHH and EEEEEEEWWW!!! If one of those reactions just went through your mind keep reading and hopefully we can change your mind. Powdered milk is not scary, and it is not gross ... we promise! There we said it out loud. It seems like people have a lot of questions about powdered milk so we have put together this little FAQ to guide you through one component of food storage that you don't HAVE to be intimidated by. Powdered Milk FAQ Why should I store powdered milk? Food storage calculators generally recommend storing either 16 pounds or powdered milk per person or 75 pounds per person. The 16 pound recommendation accounts for one glass of milk per day. However, if you were to be living off of…
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Day 8: Food Storage Christmas (baking ingredients)

Baking Ingredients, Christmas Gifts
Baking Ingredients are necessary for you to be able to make a lot of recipes using your grains and legumes. There are a variety of ingredients found in this category, so be creative if one of these ideas isn't available in your local stores. Add the Day 8 Tags to whichever option you choose: Options that are Free or Under $1 Extra Container of Salt Salt is one of those things that you run out of, and don't necessarily think of storing. Find or buy a container of salt and make it cute with ribbons, or put it in a gift bag, and remind them Food Storage isn't just grains and legumes. An Option that is $5-$30 A #10 Can of Powdered Milk or Powdered Eggs Powdered Milk can be…
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Food Storage Recipes: Worms & Dirt

Baking Ingredients, Powdered Milk Recipes
I have a confession to make ... my husband HATES powdered milk. Even with Crystal's delicious drinkable powdered milk tips my husband still refuses to drink it (he loves the fatty kind!). As one of the emergencies from our Seven Day Challenge, we had no power, and no fridge food and we decided to make a treat for our kids to keep them occupied in the evening. We happened to have some gummy worms hidden in a cupboard so I made delicious "Worms and Dirt" inspired by a meal at Boston Pizza in Banff, Canada. YUMM! Worms and Dirt Recipe 1 box of chocolate pudding Make with Powdered Milk! Top with Gummy Worms And my husband didn't even complain that it was made ONLY with powdered milk! So at least…
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BabyStep 7: Baking and Misc Ingredients (revised)

7 Day Challenge, Baking Ingredients
In order to get your ready for the Seven Day Challenge, we are going through revising and cleaning up all our BabySteps. We created the BabySteps to break down the vast amount of information in the "food storage world" when we first got started last summer. From the BabySteps, we developed the BabySteps Checklists as a way to split up the 10 steps over a one year period. We decided it would be good to revise each BabyStep as part of our Summer Crash Course. So jump in and get started ... it's not too late! This week we are covering BabyStep 7: Baking and Misc Ingredients (click here to view the full step) Updated key points Added instructions for making brown sugar Added a dairy section including eggs, butter,…
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Smoothies – On a Food Storage Blog?

Baking Ingredients, Fruit and Vegetable Recipes, Fruit Recipes, Recipes
So I have been making these delicious smoothies lately and couldn't figure out if I could justify sharing the recipe on a food storage blog. The other day when I ran out of milk it dawned on me I could try some of my powdered milk in it instead. Well, I did it! It was delicious, so now I can officially share the recipe on a food storage blog (not to mention all the other ingredients are frozen, so they can count as food storage if you have a big freezer). Fruit and Yogurt Smoothies Serving Size: 2 large glasses Prep Time: 5 minutes (if you make a bunch of baggies ahead of time) Ingredients (if you skip the sugar, they're actually REALLY healthy): 3/4 cup of frozen strawberries 1/2…
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