Food Storage and Money Savings!

Long Term Food Storage
We are often asked the question ... "Why do you store food?" We have gotten a lot of great email testimonials lately about how food storage has helped families who have been struggling financially in these tough economic times. Last year we wrote an article about how food storage can help with your finances and since a lot of you are new readers, we thought that we would republish it in case you have missed it. In light of the current economic situation, we wanted to share with you some ideas on how having your food storage in place can help you financially in both the short term and long term. Short Term Food Storage Your short term food storage consists of getting a 3 month supply of foods that…
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Food Storage Savings

Jodi's Progress, Videos
I just wanted to share a quick update and some valuable tools with you. I've been using the Grocery Smarts website to find great deals on food storage/3 month supply items (this is a Utah specific link and is only available in a few other states - SORRY!). For now I do my normal shop at Walmart and then go find super deals at Albertsons and Smiths each week and do some "extra" shops there with my "food storage budget" money. Last week I got the following items: 5 lbs C&H sugar 3 Stouffers frozen dinners 1 tube colgate toothpaste 2 lbs Land O Lakes butter 1 bottle Krogers syrup 2 cans evaporative milk The regular prices of these items would have been $27.94 ... BUT ... using the fresh…
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