Food Storage WAKE UP Call

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With the recent earthquakes, I have been thinking about my food storage and preparedness plan and I'd be lying if I didn't admit I am guilty of a little procrastination over here! It seems like anytime Jodi and I do progress updates, they turn into confessionals, but bit by bit we make improvements and feel much more prepared then when we started our blog! Anyways, as my little picture story will show, I hadn't put my food away since I bought it... ahem ahem over a month ago. I finally got around to it this weekend and I also got around to building (or having my husband build) these awesome cardboard rotating racks from Can Organizer. Check Them Out!(I like the shorter ones for my size shelves, but they have…
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Day 2: Food Storage Christmas (shelves)

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Once you are ready to make the Food Storage Plunge, it really feels great to know you have a well organized PLACE to put all that food. We recommend starting with 1 to 2 shelves and then moving on from there. You don't need an entire room custom built to get going! Check out these ideas: Options that are Free or Under $1 Small Spaces Solutions Handout Do you know someone who complains about starting a Food Storage due to lack of space. Well help them out by giving them this AMAZING handout. Compiled from reader suggestions, is a list of amazing ideas on where to store food in small spaces. Print out the handout and put it in sheet protects or roll it up and tie a ribbon around…
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