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So as you know from our All I Want for Christmas post, I’m still dying for a Wonder Mill Wheat Grinder, however, a few weeks ago I borrowed my neighbors mill and ground up A TON of wheat.

I really thought the amount I ground up would last me for months and months. Truth be told I’ve already used more than half of it. I’m so excited because I REALLY never thought I could get into the whole rotating, everyday cooking thing as much as I have. Here are the ways I have been using my wheat, for real!

BREAD: So for the past few weeks I’ve made my bread – haven’t bought bread in over a month. I have tried lots of recipes for bread machine breads (Ok I’m not that awesome, I use a bread machine).

PANCAKES: Next, I have been making pancakes from our friend over at everydayfoodstorage.net She teaches how to make the famous blender pancakes. The picture is from her blog, I’m not going to claim that I can decorate food that cute. My husband LOVES these.

Side note: I just used the wheat flour since I already had it ground. I substituted the oil with applesauce, and I use 2 egg whites with one yolk only. I “try” to be “healthy”. Even with the healthy substitutions they are amazing!

PIZZA: I’ve also gotten addicted to homemade pizza. I throw ingredients into my bread machine, hit dough setting, then 90 minutes later I roll it out, top it, and bake it at 425 for about 20 mins -I like the crust crusty. AMAZING and totally healthy because I try to top it with mostly veggies, turkey pepperoni – my FAVORITE!, and just a “little” cheese. The recipe is easy even:

3 Cups of whole wheat flour (I use hard white wheat)
1 Cup of water
2 Tablespoons of Oil
2 Tablesppons of Sugar
1tsp of Salt
1 Tablespoon of Yeast

(So tonight, I actually just threw these all into a bowl, mixed it well by hand, and let it rise for an hour- worked without the bread machine).

GRANOLA BARS: Last but not least I am on a quest to find the perfect EASY granola bar recipe. I found one at allrecipes. com that had whole wheat and oats it in. I made it and liked them pretty well, but they weren’t super healthy (lots of sugars). I’m not sure if it’s totally possible to make a super healthy granola bar, so if anyone has a recipe for this PLEASE share. I’m kind of a health nut, kind of. Anyways, here are pictures of my granola bars. They were good all week, didn’t get dried out or anything.


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