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One of the first things we teach you when you are getting started with your food storage is to get an Emergency Preparedness Plan in place. This includes having a Disaster Kit containing 72 Hour Food Kits for every member of your family.

In our Getting Started section we have given a great example of how to make a 72 Hour Food Kit using a milk jug. We have always encouraged people to modify this kit to suit the needs of their own family and situation, but people have written asking us for more help with that. So we have come up with a few options which will hopefully be helpful for everyone. Pick the option that works best for you!

Detailed Instructions:

If you want it laid out for you step by step including a shopping list and contents list for one particular example of a 72 Hour Kit, follow our 72 Hour Kit milk jug instructions.

Create Your Own:

If you want to have more flexibility over your meal options, you can customize your kit using our new 72 Hour Kit Food Ideas worksheet. Follow the instructions and pick and choose what foods work best for your family.


Already Made:

For those of you who want the convenience of having a kit ready-made for you, we have been exploring some different options such as this 1 Person Safety Kit. We will be giving a more thorough review of these options in a future post so stay tuned!

If you have any additional items to suggest that work well for you please email them to us at and we will compile them into an even more robust worksheet that we will incorporate into our Emergency Preparedness Plan and our Food Storage Made Easy Binder in the future.

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