Getting Started With Your Food Storage

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As we have grown and expanded our food storage knowledge, we have continually added to our site. While the site has expanded with so much information, we still want to make sure that it’s still easy for beginners to navigate. Since we are about halfway through our Summer Crash Course we decided to give you a little break and announce some changes we made to our site recently to help you get the most out of our site.

You will see that the top navigation buttons have changed slightly. Here is a run-down of the new things to look for:

  • The Start Here tab now contains helpful tips for how to best use our site and where to find the information you are looking for.
  • The Checklists page now offers you a choice of how you would like to receive your checklists based off of what your preferred “learning style” is.
  • We added an Emergency Preparedness tab as we have found that this is something people are looking for quite a bit, and we feel it is a prerequisite to getting started with your food storage. Check back on Friday as we will be adding some new sub-pages to this section which will include even more detailed information
  • Tools and Products remain the same. We consistently put a lot of work into those sections so make sure to check them often.
  • We added a tab for Recipes so that you can easily navigate to any of the food storage recipes we have tried and posted about.
  • Links and About remain the same, although we will be revamping the links section soon to make it an even better resource for you.

Take a look around at the new sections and let us know what you think of the changes. We are trying hard to keep more experienced readers interested while still being able to help the brand new beginner. Believe us, we know how it feels to be getting started and get so overwhelmed with the abundance of information out there.