Day 1: Food Storage Christmas (eprep)

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The best way to start a Food Storage, is with Emergency Preparedness. In fact, it’s one of the most popular reasons why people decide to get going on a Food Storage in the first place. Help someone start out their journey right- with some of the following ideas:

Options that are Free or Under $1

Emergency Preparedness Plan

Print out our Emergency Preparedness plan that has detailed checklists to help a family make their family plan, build a disaster kit – including a 72 hour food kit, and put together an evacuation list and car kit. Roll up the plan, wrap a ribbon around it, stick a bow on, and attach the Day 1 tag.

An Option that is $5-$30

Car Kit or 72 Hour Kit

Make, or purchase a pre-made Car Kit or 72 Hour Kit. These can be found at stores, or online. Consider even just putting together a little first aid kit for someone’s car. Don’t forget to attach the Day 1 tag to your kit!

Insta Fire

Perfect for a 72 hour kit, give one (or more) Insta Fire Individual Packs. These come in a set of 24, so you can give them all to one person, or give them as stocking stuffers to multiple people. You can even make a cute little #10 Can Stove to put them in.

Butane Stove

A butane stove is something every family should have. They can be used to cook indoors, boil water quickly, and cook a regular stovetop meal on. They are inexpensive and so important to have on hand!

A More Expensive Option

FireBox Stove

The FireBox Stove is a thin, portable campfire and multi-fuel stove with a 5″ combustion chamber that burns very efficiently. Great for camping or simple powerless cooking in an emergency.

Prepare My Life Planner

An amazing and generous gift for a loved one is the Prepare My Life Planner. This tool has everything you need to create an emergency plan for your family, as well as safe places to store your important documents so you can have them easily accessible to grab and go in an emergency.

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