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My sister Andrea not only just had a BIRTHDAY, but she also just had a BABY (a cute one). Well since I live a couple hours from my sister, I couldn’t just drop over a meal to help with the adjustment. Instead, I did something kinda fun, kinda food storage dorky”ish” but hey – what else would you expect.
Andrea has been talking about how she really wanted to make the Ezekiel Bread I posted about a few weeks ago because it’s so yummy, easy, and healthy. Andrea has a Wondermill but didn’t have all the different kinds of grains and legumes the recipe calls for (it’s not just a typical recipe). This is us… when we got our Wondermills for Christmas a couple years ago – thanks mom! (Andrea is on the right, Michele is on the left, Nicole is not shown – there I didn’t leave any blood related sisters out- )

With a new baby, we all know how getting to a store can be… So I made her mixes with all the grains and legumes pre-measured. All she has to do is throw a mix in the grinder – then to that flour: add wet ingredients, yeast, and pour into bread pans. Of course I made labels to put on the little baggies – If I had to do it again, I would have gotten larger size labels and been able to do cuter, bigger fonts… but hey – we work with what we have sometimes.

She’s already made her first 3 loaves (each recipe makes that much) and told me her bread is better then my bread…. how rude!


Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREA! Hope you poured lots and lots of sugary jam on that bread- since it IS your Birthday and all..

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