Blasts from the Past: The Never Ending Job of Organizing

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Is it just me or does it seem like it’s impossible to be FULLY on top of things around the house. One day you get your pantry all organized and think to yourself, this will NEVER be unorganized again – this time is different. Then, a few months later it’s a disaster.

Something I’ve learned through building your food storage is that it is a never ending process and you’ll always be learning, changing, and RE-organizing.

In my beginnings post, I went from a cluttered basement to one shelf and thought my progress was UNBELIEVABLE…

Then I bought my water jugs, and I went to my first case lot sale and actually added some stuff to that shelf. I was PROUD again.

As I progressed, I kept adding more and more food to my repertoire, and started filling up my cupboards with bags of foods I was trying- then I got ambitious and organized those with some great food storage containers.

Then I had a serious blast re-organzing Grandma Lori’s pantry with the Can Organizers in our Extreme Home Makeover. There’s something fun about organizing other people’s stuff to me (just ask all my sister-in-laws).

Now I’m a the point where I’m trying more and more types of grains and I want to redo my kitchen shelves with all sorts of containers that have all the different grains in them. I also need to rearrange my basement food storage to make room for some of the new foods I eat, and slowly get rid of some of the other foods I eat less of…

I’m just reminding myself -“Organizing is a never ending job”…but at least I’m having fun doing it.

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