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We’re so excited to present to you some awesome changes. Not only do the sections have great indexes for you to browse what’s in them, there are also drop-down menus, and lists of featured posts so you can find related posts we’ve done without having to do category searches that BARELY work! We’ve worked long and hard and are so excited to share with you whats new at Food Storage Made Easy.

NEW Sections:


Remember that fun thing we did last march, but you CAN’T FIND IT anywhere. Well now all the best stuff we do, including 7 Day Challenge, Extreme Makeover, How-To series, etc, can easily be found.


There are many Self Reliance skills related so closely with Food Storage. We couldn’t help but give all these skills like gardening, canning, dehydrating and more their own section.

Starting with our Food Storage Made Easy Binder, then all sorts of other products we love, use, and some of them even sell, we walk you through each of the products benefits and get you savings whenever we can.

IMPROVED Sections:

Not only can you browse right to a BabyStep with the new DROP-DOWN menus, but we’ve gone through ALL our old posts and placed relevant links to each of them on every BabyStep.

We stripped this page, and we mean took an axe to it. We left only great sites that update regularly and that we use ourselves.

Finally, browse by ingredient, meal type, or topic. You’ll be able to quickly find a recipe to use and rotate your food storage, no matter what your search criteria.

Let us know what sections and pages you like the most. Take a couple minutes to browse the new site, and “Like” your top 3-5 pages. That way we’ll know what kinds of things you like the most and be sure to cover those sections more in the future.

THANK YOU for being such supportive and fun readers. We love sharing with you, and learning from you.

  • Welcome to the NEW AND IMPROVED site!

  • Susie Durham

    It looks so awesome! I hope you got your chocolate. 🙂 Thanks for all you do for us!

  • Kim H

    You two are too stinkin’ cute!! Love the new site!

  • J – newbie

    Horray, the web site is back!! Have yet to take a tour – need to sleep sometime, LOL. However, just had to tell you how good your YouTube Info “blurb” is … some chuckles along with good info is always a winning combination!

    Thanks so much for all of your hard work!!


  • Anna Teis

    Love it! Fun! The music is an added touch. Thanks for all your hard work!

  • Anna Teis

    Love it! Fun! The music is an added touch. Thanks for all your hard work!

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