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Learning the lost arts of self reliance is not only FUN, but it encourages you to use and rotate your Food Storage, and prepare for a longer-term emergency situation. Check out some of these concepts and gradually try them out.

Being frugal, planning, and budgeting can help you come up with extra money to set aside to purchase food storage or other necessities.
If you can grow your own foods to preserve them you can save a lot of money and your preserved foods will be a lot cheaper, healthier, and more delicious than store-bought foods.
Home canning can supplement your food storage, and is an effective way to preserve harvests from gardening. Pressure canning helps you add meats to your shelf stable food storage.
Dehydrating is a good alternative or supplement to canning for produce preservation. Since the foods compact down in size and weight, you may find it easier to store in large quantities.
Learning the art of sprouting, and making sure you have the proper equipment necessary to do, it is a huge benefit to adding a lot of nutrition into your food storage diet.
Being organized in your shelves, pantry, and food storage planning helps you to use your foods more efficiently and regularly and reach your food storage goals.
Learning to cook common foods from scratch saves you money, and encourages you to actually use your long term food storage. The health benefits and cost savings are well worth it.


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