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In Monday’s post, we talked about different options for storing fuel. Today we wanted to share with you a product we have recently found out about and are pretty excited about too!

Insta-Fire is a safe, simple, and versatile new fire starting product. It has water-repellant properties, and a thirty year shelf life. Use it to light campfires, prepare charcoal briquettes, or as a safe and reliable fuel source for cooking or heating in emergency situations. In an emergency you will most likely need to boil water, cook your food and heat your shelter. This fuel can be used in a wide variety of cooking stoves, even ones you can make out of #10 cans! Proper ventilation is always necessary. To see why we are so excited about this product watch this short video.

When the owners of Insta-Fire asked us if we wanted to be dealers for their product we said of course! We love being dealers for the products we love and use so we can pass on the best prices to our readers. We are ALSO happy to get you FREE SHIPPING too!

Our Fun Day with the Insta-Fire Guys

Check out how much fun we had, and the cool stuff we learned when the owners of Insta-Fire came to cook us lunch- it’s not everyday people make lunch for us – ok it’s not ANY day that happens.

What we liked:

  • You can light it on SNOW or wet wood
  • It has a 30 year shelf life – which is awesome because it’s not like you REALLY want to rotate emergency cooking fuel, and other fuels have much shorter shelf life
  • You can store as much of it you want (there are regulations on how much you can store of other types of fuel)
  • It’s so easy to use, and versatile. You can use just insta-fire in a #10 can to boil water in a pot (don’t believe it, watch the video)
  • The packets are fantastic for camping or 72 hour kits
  • For more info see the FAQ

See Insta-Fire in Action

We figured out, that one cup of Insta-Fire will boil 2 cups of water in 10 minutes. Based on that – we figured we would use about 2 cups of insta-fire to cook 2 hot meals a day. That means we would need one 5 gallon bucket per month. We’re planning on storing 3 buckets of insta-fire each, along with some charcoal and propane for our long term fuel storage.

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  • idispatch4911

    I just had to order some!! Thanks so much! Can’t wait to try it out for myself!

  • MrsMcD

    Can Instafire be stored in the attic without damaging it? We are limited it on storage space.

    • Yes it can be stored in an attic… as long as the temperature doesn’t get above 220 degrees Fahrenheit. Hope that helps!

  • Arunninduck

    i love your site! i actually just gave you an award on my blog =o] thanks for all your hard work and keep it up!

  • Pilarandmike

    How do you put it out if you need to? Or do you have to let it burn completely down?

  • LGCS

    Great product. Thanks

  • Penni_pickett

    We are coming to Utah in April. Is there a place to buy this or is it only through online ordering??

    • You can purchase Insta-Fire under a different brand name at Emergency
      Essentials but you will be charged tax. We cover tax and shipping to
      help people get it at the lowest prices available. So you won’t lose
      out by ordering it through us!

  • It appears that you are holding the fire in your hands!! That sounds like a great products. Thanks for posting about it.

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