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If you’ve been with us for awhile, you might remember last year when we did a little for fun challenge on April Fools Day. We both picked some things we have been putting off for awhile, and committed to getting them done on April Fools Day – we didn’t want to be Food Storage Fools….(corny – a little – but you’d be surprised how productive you can be when you know you have to report your results back to a bunch of blog readers). We challenged our readers to join in the fun, and a lot of you had some great success in accomplishing nagging tasks you had been avoiding getting done as well…

So, let’s do it again! What have you been putting off? What do you want to commit to getting done on APRIL FOOLS DAY this year. It doesn’t have to be big, just do something, and know that you’re in good company.


We’re going to go ahead and look at our 2011 New Years Resolutions to inspire us in what we want to do.

  • I’m going to READ the gardening book Jodi got me for Christmas and make a game plan. I’m not committing to buying and building a whole garden on April Fools Day, I’m just going to read the book and make a plan – I’m a big believer in setting attainable goals.
  • Last year during our 7 Day Challenge, I was really good about filling out the report cards each day. A few months ago I went on a big productive spurt and got all my food purchased that I was missing from my report cards. Something I didn’t do was buy all the emergency cooking fuels and tools I would need. I’m going to go ahead and finish buying the stuff that is on my list -even if it means going to stores I don’t normally go to to get things like dutch ovens, and special pots etc. I really need to do this, because this summer I have a goal to cook without power at least once a week- but that’s another story- let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

  • My two tasks go hand in hand. First off, I had made a goal to get new shelves and completely re-organize my storage room. Well I got the new shelves (yay!), pulled everything off of the old shelves, and sort of have a haphazard mess down in the basement. I am going to finish getting everything onto the new shelves and organize it all and do an updated inventory (I know I am short on some non-food items). On a good note I did already do all the long term and water portions of my reorganization.
  • As I started my reorganization project and moved my storage onto new (and bigger) shelves I was forced to admit that I have been horrible about replenishing ever since I had my baby (who is now 9 months). aaach. A while back I decided I wanted to re-do my three month supply spreadsheet since I discovered how awesome it is to can chicken and beef. I have a whole new world of recipe ideas I can now include in my plan. I am going to finish up that revised calculator, and then hit up my Deals to Meals subscription to find all of the best sale prices over the next few weeks and make a shopping plan. This is perfect timing because it is CASE LOT SALE season here in Utah. Hurray!

    Leave a comment on the blog or on Facebook and commit to getting something done with us!

  • Started a square foot garden this spring , Planted lettice and onion sets on April fools day

  • I bought a pressure canner at a consignment store for $30, got a propane burner and an 80 pound propane tank all set up on April Fools day and this past weekend I canned two canners full of pint jars of ground beef testing the whole works out. It worked really well and I am on my way to canning lots of meat as it goes on sale I am there!!

  • My husband will be putting together some pantry shelves he bought for me, and we’ll be reorganizing my entire kitchen & pantry.

    By the way, I bought the FSME binder – this is so helpful. I’ve put it all together and it’s in my kitchen.

  • My husband will be putting together some pantry shelves he bought for me, and we’ll be reorganizing my entire kitchen & pantry.

    By the way, I bought the FSME binder – this is so helpful. I’ve put it all together and it’s in my kitchen.

  • julie

    I’m making a garden plan and hubby is attaching our Country Living Grain mill to a bicycle for pedal power 🙂

  • L B

    Hubby & I wrote out a list of things we want in our Bug-Out Bags. We plan to repack them & make sure each bag is complete. There are 4 of us so we have 4 bags to re-do. We will purchase the items we are missing & get them into the bags that night. Then, DONE! One less worry.

  • We are planning to turn the hall closet into a food storage/pantry room. It’s not to big but it is deep. The process does require relocating some boxes though. I want everything done by the end of the weekend because Monday is shopping day. April is a major restock for us since we lived on our storage for most of the month. Good luck to everyone with your goals.

  • April in Maryland

    I need to update the medications in my 72-hour kits. I don’t need lots of medication, but common stuff like Tylenol and Pepto Bismol and Immodium and Dramamine and antibiotic creams in the first aid kits all have expiration dates. I also need to rotate the bottled water, and do a quick replenish of my six-week food storage.

    I’m thinking of putting together the 72-hour office kit, but it would be easier for me to run home. And I’d probably sneak the snacks in the kit anyway.

  • Bobau0605

    I have a horrible one to admit…. I have never finished any of the 72 hour emergency kits. And I mean NONE, work, vehicles (and the other half travels about 5000-6000 miles a month for his job), home or for the animals. Living in the Nashville, TN area, this is one that I really should be ashamed for not having done after last May’s 500 year flood that hit our area. So mine will be any one of the 72 hour emergency kits. This is a good challenge for me.

    • Tamra

      Go Bobau!!!!! (insert a whole row of cheerleaders chanting)

  • I have emptied out an entire bookcase and I plan to fill the shelves with bottled water, turn it around to face the wall, put an antique tablecloth over it, push my couch up against it and decorate my new “sofa table”. (Hey, when you run out of obvious storage space, you have to get creative!)

    • Update- I thought the bookcase would hold about 15 gallons of water. WRONG!

      It holds…..(wait for it…) 36 gallons! (Which is about 1/2 of a 2-week supply for my family of 5. Add the 42 gallons I have stored under my daughter’s spare bed, and my water storage goal is met! On to Baby Step #3….)

  • Annette

    I will be replacing the water I had to get rid of last summer

  • Molly

    I will finally be replacing a ton of expired food we pulled out of our “bin” that we put together years ago. Only this time we’ll be putting our food on shelves to it’s accessible for rotating (so we don’t waste our money with expired food again).

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