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Alright everyone, it’s time to fess up. Did you participate in the “Don’t be a Food Storage Fool Day” celebration? We admitted last year, we do this activity as a way to force ourselves to get things we’ve been putting off done. This year we were as busy as ever- aren’t you too? We still managed to get a couple things done though. Bit by bit, is better then never doing anything right? So here goes the results:

So I read the gardening book Jodi got me for Christmas. This will be my first year gardening and I’m a little terrified. The book helped me understand what things I needed to think about. The goal I have for this year is to TRY. I have VERY little sunlight in my yard, so I’m guessing I’m not giving myself a fair chance. I’m going to focus on plants that need less sunlight and hope for the best. Next year, I’ll change my goal to something more elaborate… like actually successfully growing something.

I also managed to make it to the store to get the dutch oven I’ve been wanting. One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to really learn more about powerless cooking, I also have a goal to cook something without power once a week this summer, and I know this would be a necessary tool for me to have in that quest. I’m excited to try bread, pizza, and all sorts of other things in it.

I got my new meal plan done and now I have a love/hate relationship with it. I’m very excited to have opened up so many new options for meals since I am now included canned chicken and canned ground beef in my storage. But I’m a bit disappointed because it’s almost like starting over with my three month supply since I have so many new meals I am storing for. Here’s a little snippet of part of my list.

Now comes the fun part. I logged into my Deals to Meals account and scanned all of the red sale items looking for things on my new 3 month supply list. I added all the products to my custom list and printed that out. It gives me each sale item by store, but I just like to take the whole list to Wal-Mart and do my whole shop there with price matching. SO easy! I love stocking up at the lowest prices.

While I didn’t actually ACCOMPLISH my actual shop (my hubby was out of town and I couldn’t face that with my three little ones alone), I am now totally set to do it this week and take advantage of the case lot sales. I knew I wouldn’t have the time to shop so I feel good that I got done what I hadn’t wanted to get done. I will have to finish all the organizing on my new shelves once I have all the food. But THAT is the REALLY fun part!

What did YOU accomplish this weekend? Click here to read some of the great things our Facebook readers were working on. We love having everyone share!

  • Sharonkenans7

    I love, love LOVE, your website. It’s so easy to read, learn and help get me organized. I am a 68 year old granny who is becoming emergency prepared savvy–thanks to you two. I have already ordered the Binder eBook, WonderMill Junior Deluxe grain mill, and the fire starter. You are never too old to learn something new. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm.

  • April in Maryland

    I updated the food in the 72-hour kits and rotated out some water. The first-aid kit pills will be ok until the end of June. (I do a total update every six months on the Solstices).

  • Treebabys

    I updated our 72 hour kits and I’m organizing a Emergency Preparedness Workshop for our church tomorrow. People have prepaid and are going to put together 280 kits tomorrow with a speaker from the City. I’m using a ton of your ideas for this workshop. Thanks so much. 🙂

  • I found your site last week and have really enjoyed browsing it! Feeling lucky I came along at just the right time to join this challenge. We got our house/evacuation 72 hour kits all shopped and put together. I’m planning a car 72 hour kit as well, with different, more shelf stable foods, etc.

    Funny story: we went to the Salvation Army to find good bags to assemble them in. We found a couple very nice ones for about $5 all together. When we got home, and I was packing them with the supplies, I found a gameboy game in one of the pockets. I was going to throw it out (no gameboys here), but my husband is smarter than I am sometimes! He took it and traded it in at the used game store for… $5!

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