4 BIG Food Storage EXCUSES — And how to overcome them!

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There are many reasons Why People Build a Food Storage … but there are also many reasons why people DON’T get started with their food storage. We have heard ALL of the excuses (and we used most of them ourselves). Luckily we have figured out some tips and tricks to help you kick start your food storage and leave those excuses behind forever!

Excuse #1: NO IDEA

3 years ago from today we had this exact conversation:

Julie: Jodi, I am feeling urgent about building my food storage
Jodi: Oh no, is something going to happen? Now I think I need to build MINE
Julie: It’s so confusing I don’t know where to start
Jodi: Don’t ask me, it’s way too overwhelming
Julie: I think we need to just research one tiny thing at a time
Jodi: Ya, like do it in BABYSTEPS … we should blog about what we learn
Julie: I hate blogs … but maybe it could help my sisters get started too …….

And the rest is history. lol.

After we developed the ten babysteps we later went on to create our Babystep Checklists which will walk you step by step through the entire babystep program. Over a one year period you will learn everything you need to know to build your food storage, be given specific purchasing assignments every two weeks, and recipes to try so you are always learning how to USE the foods you are storing.

If you have no idea how to get started, sign up for the checklists today!

Excuse #2: NO SPACE

One of our biggest email requests when we first started our blog was “What do I do if I don’t have a basement storage room to store my food? I can’t build my food storage!”

We had no good answers because we were failures at food storage when we both lived in our little newlywed starter homes. Luckily we have some awesome blog readers who helped us come up with TONS of ideas for storing your food and supplies in SMALL SPACES.


If you have small storage space, look through this handout and find some space today!

Excuse #3: NO TIME

No Time? No problem. Use food storage as a time-saver and cook things ahead of time like pizza pockets and pre-made smoothie mixes. You can also save time if you store canned meats. It takes a little time one night and then you have easy, ready-to-use chicken or beef on hand for a quick dinner any time.

Don’t forget, you don’t have to cook homemade bread every week and dehydrate your own foods to actually build and use your food storage. Pick a weekend and try making bread. Once you have the skill learned, you can use it should the need arise. But *confession* I still buy store-bought bread on weeks that things are crazy and I don’t get any made. It’s OK! And there are tons of great options to purchase dehydrated and freeze dried foods that you can use to save time in your everyday cooking and/or keep for emergencies only.

Food storage doesn’t have to take lots of time, and it can actually SAVE time if used correctly. No excuses!

Excuse #4: NO MONEY

This one is a very legitimate concern. If you have no extra money in your budget, it is hard to start stockpiling food above and beyond your regular grocery budget. However, if you are that tight on a budget and ANY kind of emergency happens, you are one of the people who NEED food storage even more!

Jodi’s husband lost his job about 6 months after she had started to build her 3 month supply. She had been on a very tight “Dave Ramsey” style budget and had only been allocating $50 a month to food storage. But luckily with using some great couponing strategies she had built up enough food to be able to buy only a minimum amount of groceries for 3 months until her husband found a new job. It really gave her a testimony of the importance of food storage.

To see some other ways food storage can actually HELP you financially, check out our post about Food Storage and Money Savings

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