Wonder Box Oven: TAKE 1

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It’s been awhile since we’ve shared with you some of our summer powerless cooking adventures. We’ve been busy enjoying the weather, chasing our kids around, and visiting at 2 family reunions. Even though we’ve been busy, we’ve really enjoyed using our powerless cooking tools that we talked about in our powerless cooking class.

Today we’re going to show you Julie’s first attempt at using the Wonderbox oven. If you follow our blog regularly, you’ll know Julie is the one who doesn’t really follow recipes. Well, turns out she should have on this one. The rice turned out ok – however she should have boiled the water longer and maybe cooked the rice for less time. Don’t be fooled by her initial shout for joy. She likes to wing things, and MOST of the time it works… but sometimes it doesn’t. That’s why we practice …. Right?

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