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We are getting so excited as we are planning and prepping for our third annual 7 Day Challenge! We have so many ideas for disaster situations, especially after doing our group read of the book One Second After. If you have signed up for the challenge yet, go do it now, quick! We will all be practicing our preparedness through mock emergency scenarios and sharing what we learn on the blog and on Facebook.


We would like to get some of YOUR ideas for disaster/emergency situations you would like to prep for. This could be something that has happened to your family, something you are AFRAID of happening, or just something really out there that you think would be good practice. We want to keep them surprises so if you want to contribute an idea please EMAIL US with the following:

  • Emergency Type (natural disaster, pandemic, economic crisis, dietary limitation, everyday emergency)
  • Describe the emergency in details
  • Daily Tasks (what do you have to accomplish)
  • Daily Limitations (what restrictions do you have, i.e. no power, water, etc,)
  • Advanced Task Ideas (for people who want things a little more difficult!)

To see examples of this format, check out our previous years’ challenges:
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Anyone who submits an idea following the format above will be entered to win a free copy of our Food Storage Made Easy Binder eBook. This is a full program to help you build your food storage and would be great to have as you get ready for THE CHALLENGE! Submit your entry by August 31st to be entered to win!

  • guest

    we went 6 days without electric – Thank You Irene & Katia is forming and aiming at us!  I think I’m done for this year’s challenge.  I did learn some stuff though.
    1 – I am thankful for a generator and husband who knows how to keep it going & in good repair.
    2. – My kids dont like chef boyardee ravioli anymore
    3 – if you know you have a storm coming in – (thank you NOAA) then by all means get all laundry washed and dried, even if you have to forego sleep – you can fold when there is no power
    4 – a gas grill makes a great pizza reheating oven – use foil on an old cookie sheet to speed cleanup and keep it from burning on the bottom
    5 – solar lights (under $2 at walmart) make great night lights for the kids

  • Powerless refrigeration/freezing.  My sister has insulin-dependent diabetes, so it is *imperative* that we have access to a freezer and a fridge so we can keep her insulin where it needs to be.  We lost power over the weekend because of the hurricane, but luckily it was only for a day or two, and we had friends who let us come over and use their fridge.  But are there any options for that for us?  It scared me to think that if we lost power for any extended period, her life/health could be in danger.  Please help!

  • Anonymous

    If I know there’s a chance I’ll be losing power, I’ll prepare as much as possible from my freezer as possible before hand, then dehydrate or can whatever’s left, starting with the more expensive foods. I fill up soda containers with tap water (if it’s not contaminated with flooding) and freeze them – I stop about 1/2 inch before the neck of the soda bottle, then freeze at a slight angle, then cap them tightly once frozen. Whatever frozen food I didn’t get to dehydrate/can goes in the middle of the freezer, surrounded by the frozen bottles.

    Once power is lost, I use numerous blankets to cover the fridge. I had some frozen water bottles in the fridge for Ike, so that helped increase how long my fridge condiments stayed within safe temps, until I had to move the more expensive stuff into an igloo container, with ice our neighbor brought home from work. By this time, the outer edges of the freezer food had started to thaw, so that’s what was eaten next, until the temp became too high to be safe. I only had one fridge thermometer, so I kept it in the fridge. I need to remember to buy an other one now that I think about it LOL

    I fed our dogs some stuff from the freezer too, instead of just letting it go bad. I didn’t lose too much food, thanks to my mother having grown up on an island that occasionally got hurricanes, so I grew up watching how she prepped for hurricanes. We also had cool water to drink from all those soda containers, which was very nice.

    If I don’t know ahead of time about losing power, if possible, I rush to the closest store to buy ice. If power outage is wide-spread, that doesn’t work. But if the loss is due to lightning striking a transformer, then finding ice is easy (if the roads aren’t flooded).

  • tricia

    Hey there.  I just found your blog.  I love it.  And my family just finished One Second After and are in the process of reading Patriots and The End of the World as We Know it.  So, so good.  Is it too late for me to jump in on the challenge.  I find it very interesting.

  • guest

    we have a hurricane coming – and will most likely get hit hard.  I’m way more prepared now a days….well since 9/11 and Katrina – but I know I’m more prepared than a lot of my fellow towns peoples…thats sad

  • April in Maryland

    My worst nightmare is no flush toilets.  I have doody bags and a spackle bucket from Home Depot, and I hope to NEVER use them.  Ever.

    I have a freezer full of frozen berries which I use for smoothies all winter, so I really hope to not lose electricity.
    Hurricane Irene is scheduled to arrive on Sunday.  I’d like to thank Jodie and Jule for starting this site.  Because of them, I have all my important documents in a safe, six weeks of food and water,  all my passwords in a file which I emailed to myself, a 72-hr go-bag, another 72-hour kit in the car (all with updated OTC medications), and tomorrow I will have a full tank of gas.  I’m single, so I don’t need much of an evaculation plan, but most of the important stuff is in the front closet so I can grab it fast. 

    • Anonymous

      Kitty litter is nice to have on hand if you’re worried about toilets not working. Put two large plastic trash bags into your toilet – one bag inside the other. Then put a little litter in the bag, then sprinkle more litter over your “business” each time you “go”. When it’s about half full, tie together the edges of the inner bag, repeat with the outer bag, and start over. I use litter in the plastic containers since I worry about water in my home – luckily Ike didn’t flood my house, but tropical storm Allison did bring a few inches into my home.

  • shawna Redmann

    When the tornadoes came thru we have no power, no phones, no cell phones, and no tv.  We had to get the news twice a day on radio. We had to talk to family with cb’s. Banks, gas station, street lights. Were all out. We also had marshal law. We were told if some one breaks in we could shoot. The cops were to busy to respond fast enough.Lucky only 1 person was dumb enough to break in somewhere.  Not bad in a city our size. 

    Lesson have cash on hand for days of no banks
                 cb’s are our friends
                  self-defense is something we all need
                  and know your neighbors( ours work with us to keep each other safe)

  • prepared teacher

    My worst nightmare would be that my daughter is at school about 4 miles one way from the house, and I need to go get there with out a car. I mean the cars in the town are not working due to EMP. I would have to ride my bike over there, but at least I could get to her and then home. I wouldn’t have to go to the store and FREAK out like many non food storage people.

  • I just had one this past week: A water main blew and we were without water for a whole day.  We live in an apartment, so this was a big blow. I had plenty of bottles water for drinking but only had 5Litres of ‘cleaning water’ I had 4 large loads of laundry to do. I had all the dinner dishes dirty from the night before. (I had made homemade spaghetti, and used all my pots and pans!) and we ALL needed to shower. This happened on a Saturday. (horray…) So we had no way to cook, no way to clean, flush the toilet, shower or do laundry. I used our extra cleaning water trying to flush the toilet. (didn’t work). So we spent the entire day out and spent way too much money on fast food. 
    The same thing happens if the power goes out. So, without water or without power, OR without BOTH! HA! That would be a big one! If there was even a small natural disaster, then this would be the case for everyone if the water was contaminated, dirty or cut off from damage to pipes.

    • Anonymous

      If you buy regular old-fashioned, non-scented bleach, you can store water in it once they’re empty, then use it for either clothes or dishwashing. Same with plastic laundry soap bottles, except only for clothes.

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