This has been a crazy week with our March Madness giveaways receiving thousands of entries!  We appreciate everyone joining in the fun on Instagram and also sharing in other ways.  We are excited to announce the WINNERS of each giveaway.  You guys are going to LOVE your prizes!

If you were not selected as a winner, don’t forget you can still purchase any of these items ON SALE for the rest of the day today.  So you can still “win” by saving a little money 🙂

Here is a list of each product, the giveaway winner, and a link to where you can purchase it at the sale price:

All-American Sun Oven: 
The All-American Sun Oven is what we use for powerless cooking anytime it’s sunny enough to cast a shadow. It saves on fuel and functions just like a regular oven.  When they recently did some improvements on the oven, we did a post about them. You can learn more here.

Giveaway winner:  @karengdelaney
–> March Madness Sale: Sun Oven + $160 worth of accessories for just $325 (60% off accessories)
Click here to learn more about the SUN OVEN or buy now

Thrive Life Go-To-Pack of Thrive Foods:
Thrive Life foods are some our very favorite to eat and store. The quality is fantastic. In this Go-To-Pack (an exclusive for the Thrive Life March Madness sale) you’ll see a variety of products that you may find yourself running out of.   We have a blog dedicated exclusively to Thrive foods that you can follow to learn a lot more. It’s called Your Thrive Life.

Giveaway winner:  @brigescott
–> March Madness Sale: Save up to 50% on ALL Thrive foods and shelving through midnight MST tonight!
Click here to shop the THRIVE LIFE March Madness Sale

InstaFire Bundle:
lnstaFire is a great product to use as a fire starter or even as a stand-alone fuel. It can be stored inside in convenient buckets, it burns in any kind of weather, and will even burn wet wood. It is handy to use in any kind of portable stove or even just on the ground. When we were introduced to this product the owners came over and showed it to us in action and cooked us dinner. Check out more details and the video here. 

Giveaway winner: @omartha2
–> March Madness Sale: 1 5-gallon bucket + 1 24-pack of InstaFire BUNDLE for just $90 (10% off!)
Click here to learn more about INSTAFIRE or buy now

HERC Tea-Light Candle Oven:
While butane stoves are great for stove-top cooking indoors, we had yet to find a good solution for oven cooking indoors.  The HERC tea-light candle oven is a great solution for cooking without power in an oven inside. You can see more information and specs on our intro post here.

Giveaway winner: Anna McDonald (via email)
–> March Madness Sale: Save 10% + get 100 candles & digital cookbook FREE with purchase of HERC oven
Click here to learn more about HERC OVENS or buy now

Fortress Clothing Jacket Liner:
Fortress clothing is a complete heat storage solution. The clothing will keep you comfortable in -30 degree weather up to 70 degree weather. We met with the owners and tested it out on a bitter cold day. We even got some video footage at a freezing lake. Here is the introduction post and video we did.

Giveaway winner: @kathoyer
–> March Madness Sale: Enter coupon code “march” to save $60 off of a jacket liner or coupon code “madness” to save 20% off any other products at
Click here to learn more about FORTRESS CLOTHING or buy now

Prepare My Life Planner:
The Prepare My Life Planner is an organized emergency preparedness plan. Not only does is it designed to store and organize all your important documents it ALSO contains a step-by-step plan to help prepare your home and family for an emergency. All of the pages, pockets, pouches, and folders are included. Full instructions on building your own binder can be found here or a full intro to the Prepare My Life Planner can be found here.

Giveaway winner: Linda Franks (via email)
–> March Madness Sale: Get 1 free Inflatable Solar Lantern with purchase of a Prepare My Life Planner
Click here to learn more about the PREPARE MY LIFE PLANNER or buy now

Inflatable Solar Lantern Bundle:
These inflatable solar lanterns contain ten LED lights. There is a solar panel on the bottom and a three mode button with a LOW, HIGH, and BLINKING mode. Light weight, inexpensive, and doesn’t require batteries. This makes a wonderful preparedness item for 72 hour kits or to keep on hand at home. See more details in our store.

Giveaway winner: @geekbearinggifts
–> March Madness Sale: 40% off + a free carabiner when purchasing a 5-pack of solar lanterns
Click here to learn more about the SOLAR LANTERNS or buy now

WonderMix Stand Mixer:
You may be familiar with Kitchen Aid or Bosch. The Wondermix is not totally comparable to either one of them, it has some distinct pros and cons. There is a summary of what we found to be pro’s and con’s you might want to check out if you’re in the market for a mixer. Read full post here.

Giveaway winner: @kerrijams
–> March Madness Sale:  Get a FREE blender attachment and cookie whips with a WonderMix for just $299
Click here to learn more about the WONDERMIX or buy now

WaterBrick Bundle:
WaterBricks are some of our favorite water storage containers because they are small enough to carry and easily stackable. These are great in a lot of scenarios. Check out our WaterBrick review click here.

Giveaway winner: @lball61
–> March Madness Sale: 4 Waterbricks+ 1 Spigot for just $89.99 (save $10)
Click here to learn more about WATERBRICKS or buy now

Thrive Life Cansolidator Shelf:
Some of the most popular food rotation shelving from Thrive is on sale.  The shelving makes rotating a breeze and keeps your food storage organized. We dedicated an entire post on determining which shelving unit may be best for you. You can check it out here.

Giveaway winner: @clowe247yahoocom
–> March Madness Sale: Save up to 50% on ALL Thrive foods and shelving options through midnight MST!
Click here to shop the THRIVE LIFE March Madness Sale

Chef’s Banquet ARK 390 Food Bucket:
This incredible food kit has nearly 33 pounds of compact just-add-water meals. That’s a lot of food! The ARK 390 has enough food to supply one person with 2,000 calories a day for 30 days.  Sometimes it’s just nice to know you have a good stash of meals that will last a long time and store well and compactly. We have a variety of these just-add-water meals in our food storage.

Giveaway winner: @seanahal1989
–> March Madness Sale: Use coupon code FSME390 and save $85 off each ARK 390 bucket you purchase
Click here to learn more about the ARK 390 BUCKET or buy now

Food Storage Made Easy eBook Bundle:
The Food Storage Made Easy 3 PART FOOD STORAGE PROGRAM contains a Babysteps Checklists Guide, Food Storage Made Easy Encyclopedia, and Recipe Appendix. This full program is a roadmap for buying your food storage and learning how to use it, so that you can have confidence in knowing that you are prepared for a major emergency or any of life’s little every day inconveniences.

Giveaway winner: @emilysteinhafel
–> March Madness Sale:  Get the Food Storage Made Easy eBooks for $10. Use coupon code “marchmadness”
Click here to learn more about the FOOD STORAGE MADE EASY EBOOKS or  buy now

If you were one of the winners we will be contacting you within the next day or two via Instagram or email to get your mailing address so we can get your prize sent out to you.  

Thanks again to everyone who participated.  We had a lot of fun sharing our favorite products with you!

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