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We are compiling a recipe book of freezer-meals along with tips for what to do and not do when bringing a meal to someone in need. This is part of the #LightTheWorld campaign (learn more about the campaign below) where we are focusing on Christ’s teachings with one day emphasizing “feeding the hungry”. We will send out the completed book FOR FREE to everyone on our email list so make sure to sign up for that so you’ll get a copy!



If you want to participate in this event, please submit your best freezer-meal recipes (pick tried and true recipes that you know turn out well).

  • Include ingredients with full freezing and cooking instructions
  • Include how many people it serves if you know
  • Include any tips you have that make bringing a meal to someone easier
  • Include any tips you have that you SHOULDN’T do when bringing people meals
  • Email your submissions to us by December 15th to
  • Remember to subscribe to our BabyStep Checklists so you don’t miss it when we send it out once it’s all put together. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP IN THIS FUN PROJECT!


    Many of you may have seen the Light the World posts being shared around Facebook this December. This is a campaign we love to participate in with our families because it helps us remember the true meaning of Christmas in little ways every day.

    IN 25 WAYS, OVER 25 DAYS
    Each Christmas, we celebrate the life of Jesus Christ, the Light of the World. By following His teachings, we let His light shine—in our lives and in the lives of others. This Christmas season, download and use this calendar for inspiration as you plan activities to help #LightTheWorld by serving those in need.

    For specific ideas and a video on each daily topic feel free to visit

    DAY 21: “For I was an hungered, and ye gave me meat.”

    Our favorite day of #LightTheWorld is day 21 where we are supposed to “feed the hungry”. We talk about food A LOT on this blog so we wanted to highlight this day with our freezer meal project and get YOU involved! We think with a little group effort we can all Light the World together this month.

    One of the suggested ways to serve on day 21 is as follows:

    What’s your favorite home-cooked meal?
    Prepare it and take it to a neighbor in need, or invite the person to your home for dinner.

    We wanted to think of a way that we could help spread love (and food) like this on a larger scale and we figured the easiest way is with FREEZER meals. You may remember a few years ago when I helped my mom make a whole freeze-full of meals for my sick grandparents who love a few hours away because my Grandma was getting too sick to cook for herself. Click here to view the post summarizing what we did for her. That whole idea got us thinking that this could be a really cool project to do with our blog readers.

    We are excited to have your help so that we can all feed the hungry in the future with easy yummy freezer meals on hand to share with someone in need.

    I remember when I was going through my divorce several years ago, I didn’t feel like I really NEEDED anything specific when people asked how they could help me. However, one sweet neighbor called me up one day and said “I’m giving you a free pass on cooking tonight because I got the feeling that you just needed a break.” She brought a dinner for my family and it meant so much more to me than just getting a break, I felt loved, remembered, and taken care of for that one little moment in time.

    Thanks for taking the time to share in this project with us. We appreciate it!

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