Saving on Groceries… MADE EASY!

Budgeting, Julie's Progress
For those of you who have followed our blog for long you would know I LOVED couponing, I DID couponing, couponing SAVED me a lot of money - UNTIL: I had another baby last winter Albertsons closed down (my primary store to coupon at) Red Plum (one of the coupon booklets) stopped coming in the newspapers I feared my neighbors got irritated at my piled up newspapers on my driveway I got super busy with life, blogging, life, etc So for the last 8 months, I haven't couponed. Each time I went to the store - I cringed because I knew I was wasting money. If couponing is still working for you, more power to you - keep doing it - and I applaud you. For anyone out there who…
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Food Storage Savings

Jodi's Progress, Videos
I just wanted to share a quick update and some valuable tools with you. I've been using the Grocery Smarts website to find great deals on food storage/3 month supply items (this is a Utah specific link and is only available in a few other states - SORRY!). For now I do my normal shop at Walmart and then go find super deals at Albertsons and Smiths each week and do some "extra" shops there with my "food storage budget" money. Last week I got the following items: 5 lbs C&H sugar 3 Stouffers frozen dinners 1 tube colgate toothpaste 2 lbs Land O Lakes butter 1 bottle Krogers syrup 2 cans evaporative milk The regular prices of these items would have been $27.94 ... BUT ... using the fresh…
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