Jodi and Julie’s Food Storage New Years Resolutions

If you've been following us for awhile, you know at the beginning of  last year we had some New Years Resolutions. Well it's a new year, and it's time for new resolutions. We both have a big goal to help Jodi's mom get her food storage in order, as well as some of our own resolutions. My sweet mom (Grandma Lori) donated her food dehydrator to me when we first started to learn about food storage. However, I haven't been ambitious enough to use it yet. We have had some great tips and resources sent in by readers and I am determined to put some of it into action. When first getting started in food storage, all of the disaster/emergency prep stuff really overwhelmed me. Now that I have food…
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Extreme Makeover – Food Storage Edition

Extreme Food Storage Makeover, General
For months now Jodi's mom has hinted that she would like us to help her get her food storage organized, under control, and finished! So for Christmas we decided to give her an "Extreme Makeover" - food storage style. We're going to be documenting the process for you so you can come along for the journey. So let's get started: Based on our initial conversations with Jodi's mom, we have come up with the following game plan to help her achieve her Food Storage Extreme Makeover: Fill out Family Emergency Plan Purchase/Compile Disaster Kits and Car Kits Increase water storage 3 month supply plan Purchase 3 month supply foods Work on alternative cooking methods for long term storage We will be updating the Extreme Makeover Index Page with all the…
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Day 12: Food Storage Christmas (checklists)

BabySteps, Christmas Gifts
Once you have complete the first 11 days for a friend, or family member, it's time for them to keep the journey going themselves. To help them do that, we have our BabyStep Checklists: Options that are Free or Under $1 Free Email Checklists Have the person you are giving to sign up for our free email checklists. You could even sign up for them with their email address and print out the first checklist for their gift. The checklists last for one year and are sent every 2 weeks. After following the 26 checklists they will have a full food storage for one person. An Option that is $5-$30 Food Storage Made Easy 3 Part eBook Program Compiled into a 3 part ebook program is all of our 26…
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Checklists All-In-One and a GIVEAWAY!!!

Video will show here Food Storage Made Easy Binder What is the Food Storage Made Binder? Since so many readers have asked to have our series of free email reminders BabyStep Checklists (which you can still SIGN UP for, and will stay FREE) available all at once, we decided to incorporate them into a useful manual that would help people to be able to organize and store all of their food storage information in one place. The Binder is available for purchase as a downloadable eBook that readers can print and assemble. Think of this book as the best of Food Storage Made Easy's site in a book. What is included in the Binder? Instructions for how to make it cute and functional, exactly like ours! ALL 26 BabyStep Checklists…
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