Merry Christmas!

We wanted to take this time to wish all of our readers a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and thank you for being so supportive of us in our food storage adventures. We really feel like we are all here learning together and we love to hear your stories and questions. It’s so helpful to have a huge network of friends and working on it together.

Here’s our little Christmas update since we haven’t blogged for the past few days (been a little busy with Christmas and what not). Both of us received some of the items on our Christmas Wish List:

  • Julie – Received a Wondermill Wheat Grinder for Christmas, YAY! Her mom is so sweet and bought one for all three of the daughters.
  • Jodi – Got a great Peggy Layton book called “Cooking with Dried Eggs“. But her favorite gift was an autoshipment of The Ready Project foods that will come every month! Her mom took advantage of our referral program to get 5% off the initial order (you just enter code 61838, it’s so easy).

And as a reminder, in case you missed any of our gifts to you this holiday season, here is a summary of what we have done for you:

  • Gift #1 – Babystep Checklists: We’re starting a fantastic email reminder system that will help you build your food storage in one year. We break it down into assignments for every two weeks and provide you with simple instructions and free checklists to help you along the way.
  • Gift #2 – A Big Surprise!: We are going to be teaming up with some other food storage bloggers to provide a fantastic overall system to help with your food storage. Check back January 1 as we will be announcing some more details about our January 5th launch party!
  • Gift #3 – Revamped BabySteps: We rewrote our babysteps to include more information, better outside resources, and a great summary of each of our personal approaches to food storage. Not to mention we added cute new icons to represent each step 🙂

food storage gifts

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