BabyStep 4: Long Term Food Storage Education (revised)

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In order to get you ready for the Seven Day Challenge, we are going through revising and cleaning up all our BabySteps. We created the BabySteps to break down the vast amount of information in the “food storage world” when we first got started last summer. From the BabySteps, we developed the BabySteps Checklists as a way to split up the 10 steps over a one year period.

We decided it would be good to revise each BabyStep as part of our Summer Crash Course. So jump in and get started … it’s not too late! This week we are covering BabyStep 4: Long Term Food Storage Education (click here to view the full step)

  • Updated the key points and split them into categories
  • Added tutorial video for Food Storage Calculator
  • Added printable pdf version of the Food Storage Calculator
  • Added numerous books and websites in the resources section

Food Storage Made Easy Recipes Page
Food Storage Shelf Life
Food Storage and Money Savings
Long Term Calculator Q&A (scroll down to read more about our milk recommendations)

Stay tuned for a more advanced post on this topic coming later this week

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