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We know we’ve been covering Powerless Cooking a LOT the past few weeks. It’s a major goal of ours to become better at this stuff… but

We DO remember what it was like to find all these tools COMPLETELY overwhelming.

So from now on, we’ll post most of our weekly attempts at cooking a meal without power on our Summer Adventures page. You may want to bookmark that page, or subscribe to our new YouTube channel to get immediate access to the videos (more on our YouTube channel next week). We’ll still mention it on facebook and here and there on the blog, but we’ll be back to a variety of the posts next week.

Since Jodi tried her Sun Oven with rice last week, I worked up the courage to try something in mine. Bread is a staple around here, and I just have to know I could keep cooking it without power. I’m actually going to try bread in the Wonderoven, the Volcano, the Cardboard Box Oven and a Dutch Oven too this summer. I like the idea of having multiples ways of cooking it depending on fuel, and sunshine situations.

Check out this video to see how it went!

Little tidbits of information about the experience:

  • The oven took 40 minutes to preheat, but Jodi said hers took 15… so we need to investigate this. Time of day? Positioning? What?
  • I did have to reposition it to keep it going faster- however if I hadn’t I think it would have just taken longer and still been good
  • There wasn’t a noticeable difference between the two types of pans I used
  • I cooked the bread for about 50 minutes. They say to cook things about 20 minutes longer, and this worked just fine
  • The bread turned out extra moist

I’m so excited to keep trying new things and to experiment with bread using the other methods.

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  • Jimssarah

    I have made two batches of white wheat bread.  Both batches browned beautifully on the top, reached 180 degree internal temperature but the sides and bottom did not brown.  They were not strong enough to support the shape of the loaves when taken out of the pans.  Any suggestions on what needs to be done.  The taste was wonderful

    • You could always try cooking it longer. Being in the Sun Oven it won’t
      burn. Also maybe try different bread pans? I used dark metal pans and
      cooked mine for about an hour and a half.

  • Kevin

    Did you have issues with a plastic-like odor and taste in the food? We just got one and tried making some bread and it had that strong taste in the top of it. I washed it as instructed, but it still stinks pretty bad.

    • We have not had that issue at all. But some people have suggested slightly
      cracking the lid open when baking to let the air flow a little bit. That
      might work for you.

  • Nancyperrone66

    Did you have a problem with condensation when cooking your bread?  I didn’t want to try bread due to the condensation when cooking other items. The sun oven people did tell how to help eliminate the condensation problem.

    • The condensation didn’t affect my bread at all… What did the sun
      oven people tell you though?

      • Nancyperrone66

        to place a thin piece of a stick under one edge of the lid to raise it slightly. They said this should help with the condensation build up without allowing an excess amount of heat to escape. I have not tried it as of yet. If I can get things together I’ll try to pull out oven and cook something up.

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