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Join us on May 10 for a FREE Powerless Cooking Event in Draper, UT

We’re excited to be hosting a free Powerless Cooking Event! The event will consist of 2 parts- instruction and booth time. The instruction portion of the event will last about 1 hour and include segments featuring various products, that will be taught by experts from the respective companies of each powerless cooking tool. Each segment will be long enough to give a good overview of the product and how it is helpful in a powerless emergency.

Following the instruction portion, we will have booth time where you can ask detailed questions on the products you’re interested in at individual booths. This will allow for you to learn as much as possible about multiple options, then delve into whichever options you may be more interested in. We will also be handing out special order forms that you can submit and get special event pricing and discounts.

We will also teach you about some free/inexpensive powerless cooking tools and include handouts with instructions for how to make them!

Global Sun Ovens:
Paul Munsen: President of Sun Ovens Int.
Insta Fire Fuel:
Frank Weston/Konel Banner: Owners and CEO
Volcano Grills:
Humless Solar Powered Generators:
St. John Holloway: Sales and Support Rep

Brief Fuel Overview: Taught by JODI AND JULIE!
Cardboard Box Ovens: Taught by JODI AND JULIE!
#10 Can Stoves: Taught by JODI AND JULIE!
Indoor Cooking and Butane Stoves: Taught by Preparedness Expert Guest
Hand Wheat Grinders: Taught by JODI AND JULIE!

Date: Thursday May 10, 2012
Time: 7-9 pm (7-8 will be instructional, 8-9 will be Q&A at individual booths)

American Preparatory Academy
12892 S. Pony Express Rd. (Just off of I15 and 123000 S.)
Draper, Utah 84020

Cost: FREE! Bring a friend!

Please RSVP below so we can plan seating accordingly:

  • redheadmom

    My sister was able to go to this, and said it was great.  What is the possibility of setting up another demo a little further North, say Clearfield/Syaracuse area?  

  • Patsy D

    Introduced my daughter to food storage, then she introduced me to your website.  How grateful we all are to how you’ve consolidated so much info in one place for everyone, especially those of us who live so far away.  Thank you again.

  • Janie

    Will you be coming to St. George any time soon?

    • St George would be fun… but until our kids are a little older traveling is really tough 🙁 We’d love to warm up down there in the colder winter months though!

  • Ashley

    Is there any chance that you can record if for us not in your area? Will you have the handouts available on your site after too. This is a wonderful topic, wish I lived closer! 🙂

    • Ashley

       Just wondering did you make handouts for this class or post anything on here from your class? Hope it went well. 🙂

      • We’ll be posting about it next week. We’ve been super busy since the show!

  • Mary

    How can we get more information about the free/inexpensive things? I cant see driving 10+ hours to see a 2 hour presentation. It sounds like a good thing, just too far for me.

    • We’ll try to do a summary after 🙂 We know everyone can’t come, but for the locals it will be great to see some of the tools in real life if possible.

  • REALLY wish I could come!  I’d love to learn more about powerless cooking!  Good luck!

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