Welcome to BabySteps Checklist #5. Now that you have your three month food supply worksheet filled out we are going to give you a reminder in each checklist to continue to stock up and replenish your supply. This should be incorporated into your normal grocery budget (especially if you are taking advantage of sales and coupons). For this checklist we will be introducing you to the world of long term food storage. We know this is the part you have really been waiting for and we are excited to give you a fabulous tool to help you along the way — our custom food storage calculator/inventory tracker!

Let’s talk about long term food storage a little more in depth. For the rest of the checklists we will give you specific purchasing assignments for items which are included in our food storage calculator. The food storage calculator contains life sustaining foods (grains, legumes, baking ingredients) for one adult for one year. In addition to the life sustaining foods, we recommend purchasing small amounts of some other items that will enrich your food storage (fruits and vegetables, powders, meats and cheeses, comfort foods, etc.). You can store more or less of these foods depending on what your family likes and uses. We also make sure to take care of some non-food items and powerless cooking tools.

Each checklist will give you purchasing assignments as well as links to all the information you will need to know about those particular items and recipes to try.


Purchase some of our favorite food storage cookbooks to start getting ideas on what to cook

Purchase something from your 3 month supply list

  • Stock up on sale items, buy some things in bulk, or pick up a few extras items each shopping trip
  • Don’t forget to check Deals to Meals for what’s on sale this week!


Educate yourself about Long Term Food Storage by reading the following articles:

Determine your overall Long Term Food Storage goals using our Food Storage Calculator

  • View video tutorial for help or print out our pdf worksheet if you don’t have excel
  • Remember the checklists will guide you to get enough food for ONE adult for ONE year (adjust as necessary for # of people and length of supply desired)

Print out your Food Storage Calculator reports to help you keep track of your inventory
Place your reports somewhere easily accessible to help you stay organized with your purchases

Download and print our HUGE Shelf Stable Recipe Book to get started on recipe compilation

Update your 3 Month Supply Inventory Sheet of what foods you already have stored

Want all these checklists at once?

Our Food Storage Made Easy book contains all the checklists, a complete encyclopedia of our whole website , and a recipe appendix!

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