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Today we are revealing the 7th piece of our Seven Day Challenge puzzle: BINDER UPDATES FOR LIFE!

For those of you who have purchased our Food Storage Made Easy DOWNLOADABLE Binder– you may have been worrying: “What happens when Jodi and Julie do updates to BabySteps, or great new posts!?!?! I want those in my binder too!”

Well we’ve been waiting for the right moment to tell you, but when you purchased a copy of of the Food Storage Made Easy Binder, you qualified to be emailed* in pdf format:

  • BabySteps Pages as they are revised
  • Extra special posts that we publish new since the binder was created
  • Updates to any checklists or recipes we have in the original binder

The first set up updates will be emailed* to you as pdf’s after the summer crash course is finished and will include:

So, if you haven’t already purchased your DOWNLOADABLE Binder, hurry up- buy it, start using it to get ready for the Seven Day Challenge, then enjoy it forever as you will always have the newest and most up to date information sent right to your email* (and we will always format them nicely to match the rest of your binder — no more ugly website printouts!)


If you have already purchased a Food Storage Made Easy Downloadable Binder, you will be sent an email in the next few weeks with a link to sign up for the binders for life updates. By signing up for the list, you will automatically get the updates forever.

If you were given the Binder as a gift by someone who purchased multiple copies, we will not have your email address- to sign up to receive the binders for life bonus, see the “Upgrade Option” at the bottom of the Binders in Bulk page.

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