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Well, we did it. We completed another 7 Day Challenge. The Seven Day Challenge is our way of celebrating National Emergency Preparedness Month in September. The Challenge was a week long series of mock emergencies with daily limitations and tasks to help assess your level of preparedness. On a surprise day in September, participants were notified that the Challenge had begum. Most of the learning and fun occurs as we shared our experiences through comments, surveys, and facebook.

This year we thought we could do something a little fun for our readers who either missed the Challenge, or wanted to share it with their friends. We compiled each day’s challenges and report cards and put together a document you could share with your friends, and encourage them to be more prepared as well. You can either forward this document along to them, share this post on facebook, or pin this post on your pinterest account.

Here’s a summary of the 7 Day Challenge this year. Thanks again for playing 🙂

Day 1: Economic Crisis – “Global Food Shortage”

Day 2: Natural Disaster – “Water Service Interruption”

Day 3: Health Benefits- “Medical Issues and Concerns”

Day 4: Economic Crisis – “Helping Those In Need”

Day 5: Everyday Emergency – “Power Loss”

Day 6: Natural Disaster – “Evacuation and 72 Hour Kits”

Day 7: Everyday Emergency – “Day of Service”

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