Welcome to BabySteps Checklist #6. The first long term item we are going to be covering is grains. Wheat is the most commonly stored grain so we’ll be learning to use it first. For this checklist we will be learning about, purchasing, and actually cooking with wheat. We will also be buying something from your Non-Food Items list. And of course we are constantly staying on top of building and replenishing our Three Month Food Supply.

Here is your introduction to the wonderful world of wheat! Why is wheat such a big staple in the world of food storage? Well, if you store wheat and just a few other basic cooking ingredients you can make a WIDE variety of foods such as breads, tortillas, wheat grass, pasta, cakes, puddings, cookies, waffles, biscuits, muffins, crackers, and more! Not only that but wheat is inexpensive and VERY healthy, it’s definitely the “staff of life”.


Purchase 50 lbs of wheat

Purchase a 6 month supply of toilet paper

  • Measure your usage for a week and times it by 25 to get an approximate amount
  • We recommend using a service like Deals to Meals to find the lowest prices

Purchase something from your 3 month supply list

  • Stock up on sale items, buy some things in bulk, or pick up a few extras items each shopping trip
  • Don’t forget to check Deals to Meals for what’s on sale this week!


Educate yourself on WHEAT and/or on alternatives to wheat if you have allergies

Try some of these great recipes using wheat flour (buy some flour to practice with if necessary)

Read 7 Great Ways to Use Wheat WITHOUT a Wheat Grinder if you don’t have a grinder yet

Read All About Wheat Grinders and start saving up for the one you want
View the ones we love, use, and recommend at our Online Store

Update your 3 month supply inventory sheet of what foods you already have stored

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