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Chicken Barley Chili
Bean Flour Cream of Chicken Soup
Real Chili Bean
Twelve Bean Soup
Split Pea Soup
Chili With Chocolate
Greek Lentil Soup Recipe
Chicken Tortilla Soup
16 Bean Soup
Salsa, Chicken, and Black Bean Soup Recipe
CREAMY POTATO SOUP (Food Storage and Fat-Free Style)


Curried Lentils and Rice
Pantry Jambalaya
Ultimate Meat Loaf
Mexican Casserole
Homemade Macaroni and Cheese
Food Storage Enchilada Pie


Texas Caviar aka Black Bean Salsa
Cooking Dry Beans
Ezekiel Bread
Summer Salad with a Quick and Easy Corn Salsa
Thanksgiving Green Bean Casserole


  • E nickel

    You should look at “The Daily Bean” by Suzanne Caciola. It is perfect for people who dislike beans. Oatmeal cookies, pancakes, brownies, banana bread… All made with large amounts of beans. When I was diagnosed with gestationa diabetes this book was a lifesaver! We still make black bean cake for every birthday and my kids tell everyone how much they LOVE beans!

  • Gamrich

    I would think you’d want at least one daal recipe. Also, remember that sprouts make great winter time fresh veggies. Don’t forget that veggie burgers are often made of dried beans.

  • Melody

    looking for thre recipe for white chocolate chip cookies using white beans for the oil

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