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We had no idea the earthquake in Japan would strike when we scheduled to do this post a couple weeks ago. We are very humbled and saddened by the events that are happening over there -and also recently in New Zealand. We send our love and prayers to all those who have been affected by the recent earthquakes and storms.

Having said that – it’s time to get to work everyone. When we first started the blog, we made our Emergency Preparedness plans and lists. We suggested making a grab list of items you want to get, and Emergency Binders where you store all your important documents that you could grab in case of and emergency and go. We made a72-hour food kit whose contents could all fit in a milk jug. The food, along with a list of supplies made up our disaster kits. We have been wanting to improve upon the 72 hour food kit for a long time. Last year we made a file of more ideas for foods, but we want to offer even more ideas for people with different dietary needs, and preferences.

When facing topics like this we know who our best resource is…

We know a lot of you have faced actual emergencies, have been around longer then us, and have great ideas when it comes to 72 hour kits. We are asking you to submit your FOOD CONTENTS LISTS. The more detailed you can be the better!

These are the categories we’re hoping to fill, please indicate which categories your kit falls under. We actually get asked pretty often for adaptations. If you have a category we haven’t thought of – please send along your ideas. We’ll gather all the data and compile it into usable handouts and blog posts for everyone to SHARE!

72 Hour Kit With Cookable Items
72 Hour Kit that Requires No Cooking
72 Hour Kit Gluten Free
72 Hour Kit that Requires Little Rotation
72 Hour Kit Healthy Options
72 Hour Kit Kid Friendly

Since we know how easy it is to get distracted and forget to do things we had every intention on doing, we’ll give you a little incentive to share your kit ideas. How about we say to everyone who emails us with a list of what’s in their kits – we enter your name into a drawing to win a 24 single use pack of Insta-Fire. How perfect would Insta-Fire be in a 72 hour kit?!?! Email your list to info@foodstoragemadeeasy.net BY MONDAY MARCH 21ST to qualify!

  • I didn’t make it in time for the contest but would like to share anyways. We have two dogs and have created a kit for them. It has water, collapsable bowls, extra leashes, vet records, food in pouches (lighter than cans) and a blanket. Right now it’s in a small backpack but I will be transfering it to a style the bigger dog can carry herself. The smaller one never leaves her side and is small enough to carry if need be. We’ve also included their vet records and photos in our own kits just in case. One other thing we have because of them, is a small tent. Not all shelters will accept pets and rather than leave them behind or spend time searching out a pet friendly shelter in a true emergency, we can just camp out nearby and keep them with us.

  • ctdaffodil

    I spent all day Monday inventorying the freezers and looking over my canned goods – I’ll be looking for some good sales soon – Why I have 3 quarts of chicken broth in the freezer and bought a case I’ll never know….we arent big soup eaters here….guess we’ll have to learn to like it.
    I did’nt even start on 72 hr kits – but I did go thru the emergency clothes I keep in the car – the oldest child would have been naked….nothing in there fits him except for my shirts!
    baby steps….baby steps…..

    • LOL! Baby steps is right! You can use the chicken broth to boil your rice too, or in place of water in other heated dishes.

  • Jayme

    I have three children, ages 10, 7 and 4, and a dog. My oldest has autism. I am a paraparetic, and walk slowly and have to use a cane long distances. If we should have to leave the house quickly during an emergency, and my husband were not here, I would be unable to move quickly, and would be unable to use both hands. I would also have some real needs in my children and pet to be responsible for. Back packs could be dangerous because I already have problems with my balance, and the weight of the pack could set me off quite a bit. So, I solved the problem by packing each 72 hour kit in a back pack on wheels with a handle. Now we each have a bag that each person can transport easily.

  • Jennifer W.

    Something that I would like to see: Ideas for making the kits easily mobile, especially for a mom who has 4 children 5 and under. We only have one car, which is usually with my husband at work. If something was to happen, there’s no way my children would be able to carry everything in their kits and no way I could carry all that’s left plus my own kit, plus the baby and toddler.

    • I’m not sure where you’d be looking to go if you’re at home and your husband has the vehicle. But if you did need to walk somewhere, I’d suggest a double stroller, backpacks for the kids (obviously they can’t be too heavy), and maybe you could pull a small wagon as well (or the old kids could help you pull/push it). You would have the storage underneath the stroller.

      How do you handle any type of activity outside of the home when your husband is away? I’d built on whatever you do in that case. Maybe start practicing making the children wear a backpack. Then you can add more items as each becomes used to the load?

    • Sharon

      I have seen ads for collapsible wagons that would fit in the back of a van or probably in the trunk of a car.

  • Monique

    Just FYI – Your instructions suggest to email by MONDAY March 17th. The 17th of March is on Wendesday. Maybe you mean March 22nd?? HTH

    • Dawn

      March 22 is a Tuesday:)

    • Jennifer W.

      actually….March 17th is Thursday 🙂

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