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When we went to the Self Reliance Expo last month we told you we learned about a bunch of great new products. Well we went on a mission all month to become dealers or distributors for as many of those products as we could. Being dealers for these products allows us to get you the best prices possible.

Earlier this month we told you about the Prepare My Life Planners.

Today, we did 4 posts throughout the day on 4 more products we have become dealers, or affiliated with to get you great prices and or discounts. We wanted to get these out there for you in time for your holiday shopping, and will be talking more about them in the future, as we use them more ourselves.

4 New Products

1. Berkey Water Filters/Purification Systems
2. Humless Solar Generators
3. Trigen Water Barrel Towers
4. Lindon Farms Food Storage

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