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For those of you with small (or big) children you know that “getting things done” can be kind of tricky. Each day you wake up with really GREAT intentions, then regular (wonderful) life gets in the way and you promise yourself, tomorrow you’ll be more productive. When it comes to Food Storage, we realized if we always waited until nap time, school time, or any other “kidless” time we would never get around to planning, buying and using our Food Storage. So we decided we would have a mental shift. Instead of waiting until we had free time, we started involving our kids more in our Food Storage adventures. We talk about how this is one of the strategies of getting Food Storage done in our pep talk found here.

While at an eprep fair a couple weeks ago, I picked up a brochure I thought was super cute that I wanted to share with you. Luckily there was an online version. It’s an activity book with coloring pictures, word searches, and crosswords to get your kids excited about being prepared. For the activity book download, click here. I found this pdf on the Ready.Gov Kids page which has lots of fun stuff for you to use!

I also found a really cute Sesame Street page on getting ready. Make sure to check that out too! It has a fun movies with Grover, and different activities, and steps for you to follow with your kids. It’s a lot more fun to teach kids about being prepared with activities, and color! Click here for that page.

Once you have your kids on board, make sure to check out some of our other posts that involve kids and Food Storage.

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  • Great point!  It really is often (not always (-:  ) easier to involve our kids in these kind of things that to leave them out.  I love involving my kids in actually cooking with  / experimenting with my food storage.  We have fun making cookies or bread or dinner and then they are more likely to eat it later.  They also love to help me “stock” our shelves after I get home from the store or after we get a shipment in.

  • I was just reading about the wheat grass in the Easter baskets. The comments were very old so I decided to see if I can find my answer here. What is the best wheat to use and where to get it? Can it be any kind? I
    saw different types on a few different websites.  I would love to do this for my
    daughter’s preschool class. I just love this idea!! 🙂

    • I just use the hard white wheat I use for my bread, but I think other kinds would work.

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