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In the month of November we covered some important emergency topics such as 50 Last Minute Ways to Prepare For an Emergency and How to Create an Emergency Binder. We have heard feedback from a lot of readers who are anxious about how they can get their family and friends to feel the importance of being prepared. This is a great time of year to do just that! We posted about this with our “Don’t Say I Told You So” post, but doing this fun activity can be a much easier way to nudge people into thinking about it.


Share your love of food storage and the peace that comes with being self-reliant by doing our 12 Days of Christmas for a loved one this year. This has been a favorite feature of our blog for a few years now and we continue to update it with other ideas each year. There are tons of gift ideas you can do for FREE or very inexpensively to help people get started on their journey.


You can chose to do all 12 days (you’ll have to start asap or you won’t be done before Christmas) or just choose a gift that you think would help make this a special preparedness Christmas for someone important to you. The point is to share your love of food storage, and the peace that comes with being self-reliant. Each “day” will have a theme, and have 3 gift ideas for you:

  • An option that’s FREE or under $1
  • An option that costs $5-30
  • A more expensive option…


Day 1: Emergency Preparedness
Day 2: Shelves
Day 3: Water
Day 4: 3 Month Supply
Day 5: Long Term Education
Day 6: Grains
Day 7: Legumes
Day 8: Baking Goods
Day 9: Fruits and Vegetables
Day 10: Comfort Foods
Day 11: Non-Food Items
Day 12: Checklists


We also have this pdf for you to print out that has tags for each day, name tags, and images you can print, and attach to the gifts. Feel free to use these whether you are doing all 12 days or just doing a gift or two.

We wanted to say thanks to all our readers for being so awesome, and hope you are getting ready for a wonderful holiday season. We’re so fortunate to be able to share what we learn with you all.


  • Dutch.

    Jodi. We have been trying t reach via e-mail on your YouTube account but have had no reply since the last about one month ago. Do you receive these or have you simply been too busy? Something we could understand. Are you no longer doing YouTube videos? It’s been a long time since the last one. Hope both your families are doing well.

    • Hi there
      We are still doing YouTube videos here and there, but we don’t monitor that account too often. We’ll be doing a lot more videos in the coming year, but took a large part of December “off” so to speak this year. We had a lot of family activities, weddings, and Christmas etc. You can always contact us at info@foodstoragemadeeasy.net

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