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To celebrate the end of our 7 DAY CHALLENGE, we are going to be making the Food Storage Made Easy eBook Binder available for $5 off for a LIMITED TIME! BUT there’s a catch… There’s an ASSIGNMENT -and you have to read this whole post to find out how to get it!


If you haven’t been around lately, we just barely finished the 7 DAY CHALLENGE.  Each day for 7 Days we had a mock emergency to test out how well we are prepared for the MANY reasons we all have food storage (natural disasters, economic crisis, everyday emergencies, health benefits).  We still can’t believe how much we learned ourselves and how much “fun” we had.

With a challenge like this, of COURSE we had prizes… The last round of prizes include:

  • a limited time Wondermill rebate of $30 for either an electric or hand mill FOR EVERYONE (whether you participated or not)
  • a chance to purchase a Food Storage Made Easy eBook Binder for $5 off for EVERYONE who does the “ASSIGNMENT” (whether you participated or not)
  • TONS of prizes from our initial prize post awarded randomly to challenge participants (announced earlier today)

To help spread the word about food storage, and encourage YOU to make notes of what you learned, we’re having the assignment open to anyone.  If you participated each day, or are only now just following along, you can complete the assignment to  be sent a temporary link to purchase the Food Storage Made Easy eBook Binder at $5 off!


On your blog, or in an email to your friends simply make a list of what you learned on each of the 7 days (separated by days).  This doesn’t need to be a fabulous essay, even bullet points will do.  If you didn’t participate on the specific days, see what you COULD have learned.  You can see what you may have learned by reading the feedback on the public facebook discussion thread for each day, and comments for each day on the individual posts (a link for each of those is provided below to make doing your homework extra easy).

Start the blog post or email by saying how you found out about the challenge and link to http://foodstoragemadeeasy.NET,  so people can come and learn themselves…then go into what you learned on each of the 7 days:

Day 1: Natural Disaster -“It’s a Flood”

Day 2: Pandemic -“Time for Quarantine”

Day 3: Every Day Emergency -“Dinner Guests?!?!”

Day 4: Economic Crisis -“Money is TIGHT!”

Day 5: Natural Disaster -“Earthquake!”

Day 6: Diet Disaster -“Healthy lifestyle”

Day 7: Every Day Emergency -“Why Didn’t you Ask for this Sooner?”

When your blog post, or email is done send us an email at info@FoodStorageMadeEasy.NET with either a link to your blog (if your blog is private, email us what you posted) or a copy of the email and then we will send you a link to purchase the Food Storage Made Easy eBook Binder at $5 off!

Hurry up – your assignment is due by October 1ST!

Let us repeat that, doing this will automatically get you a limited time link to purchase the binder at $5 off. AND you’re only going to learn by doing it.

p.s. If you want to show off that you “survived” the Seven Day Challenge feel free to add this button to your post or sidebar.

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Or feel free to add our regular button to your blog.

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