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Have you heard it yet… it’s summertime and if you haven’t heard it yet you probably will!


Have you seen the bored idea sheet floating around the internet? It’s pretty clever. When your kid tells you they are bored you refer them to this list….
Something to do for each letter:
Be creative
Outside play
Read something
Do something nice

We also like the idea of taking the time during the summer to teach our kids some valuable “preparedness” life lessons so we came with our own little BORED plan and thought you guys might like it too!

There are so many things you could “build” with your kids. Build a garden plot, build a cardboard box solar oven, build can racks, build 72 hour kits. You can get creative and work on building something that will help you be more prepared. Here are some ideas:

Make organizing something a game with your kids. There are food storage shelves, closets full of eprep items, maybe it’s your garage area with items. Kids like being challenged. Make a checklist and have them be in charge of marking the boxes.Here are some ideas:

Research something new. Do your kids know what to do if an earthquake hits or some other natural disaster. Get on youtube and watch some videos so they understand what types of “emergencies” you’re preparing for. Educate them so they feel like they understand. The confidence they will gain will help with any worries they may have. Here are some ideas:

Want to know a secret? Kids are super proud of themselves and won’t admit food is bad if they made it. Have your kids help you try new recipes that use and rotate your food storage. Also- There are a lot of things you can learn with preparedness by baking something. We recommend you try some powerless cooking when you bake something. Here are some ideas:

Summer is a great time to develop or revisit your plans. What happens if there is a house fire? What happens if there is an incident at school?

Role play and have your kids participate in the plan. Here are some ideas:

For a printout of the “bored” plan click here or on the image below:

That’s Not All!

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